Baby steps to enlightenment


According to sacred scriptures, Kali iuga is the age of much turbulence and low values, Dark Age where people feel disconnected, separated and “as far away as possible from God”.

I don’t remember the experience of living in other iugas so it is hard to compare, but one thing is for that the mass force of egoism is very strong at our time.

Yoga practitioners know that once you step on the path you can’t go back. You took the blue pill and now you know better. You have had the “higher taste” and you became a spiritual warrior fighting the Bhagavad Gita kind of battle within yourself. There are some many obstacles on the way. Your mind for starters, is not so friendly and doesn’t do what is asked. There is a mass consciousness directed at consumerism and receiving and getting rather than giving and sharing which certainly affects you and encourages the feeling of separation.

Developing better qualities, consciousness in the light of higher intention like serving, bring everyone together, spreading love is not easy, so practice helps. What also helps is to know that you are part of a bigger movement, the tiny and big clusters of spiritual practitioners all over the world work hard to bring peace inside and out, and we are some of them. It is good to know, but so much better to experience and live it hand in hand. That is why Barcelona Yoga Conference and other events help us progress, we feel not alone, not separate, we feel together, connected, relaxed in this new wave that we are part of.

Let’s get together. Let’s share, embrace, love, practice, explore, feel, observe, develop, chant, listen, hear, become.. and be.

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