Keeping the BYC dreams alive

The days go by and my head and heart are still at the BYC…

Each year is easier to fall in love with the magic that is created around such a special event. It is not every day that one can totally immerse into a full yoga practice but even less so, immerse into the deeper layers of your body and soul.

It seems really hard at first to go back to “real life” after a weekend of pure joy. Even taking the metro to go back home after each day seemed strange and, as the days go by, it almost seem like that feeling is slowly fading away and one wants to desperately hold on to it. However, this inner peace and learning experience stays with you for longer than you think. In fact, stays with you for life.

Every summer we come back to the BYC being a better person, a better practitioner and a kinder soul. There is something very special about the familiarity of the BYC where, year after year, you keep meeting the same people and see how they are growing, how their lives are shifting, hear about their travels and adventures and keep developing this global community that we are creating in real time.

Talking to people, I got the impression that the general comment was how everything at the BYC was better this year. And I completely agree – more stands with delicious food, better use of the space, and a fantastic team of karma yogis making sure everything was ok.

Today, a week after the start of the BYC 2014 I can already dream about next year. Come and join us for the next edition!

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