Peaceful warriors

peaceful warriorLast day of something big, deep and long can be pretty sad, but not today.

At BYC2014 Shiva Rea leads us into the Elemental Prana Flow and Wave sequencing. It’s powerful vinyasa but because of the slow and technically detailed and spiritually inspiring guidelines we all follow and enjoy this constant flow of music, guiding voice, our breath and our movement.

We formed a mandala with our mats and we are all in a circle. There is a team of assistants that come around to adjust or demonstrate and it is good to feel teachers hands on you deepening your posture.

Her music makes us feel part of a forest tribe, sometimes you want to integrate some dancing move into the asana or do something on your own.. Whatever flow you chose, we definitely feel present, connected, feeling like One.

As peaceful warriors we find our moments of enlightenment to keep sharing them with others.



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