It is not over yet!!

Most of us will get home tonight feeling happily tired, noticing how the body and the soul have been working hard all weekend. The Bhakti Celebration brought the main conference to an end, with beautiful spontaneous music and dancing and a wonderful long Om where everyone was holding each other.

Although it felt like the end of an amazing weekend, the BYC is not over yet. Tomorrow there will be the Post-conference workshops which are as interesting as the rest of the weekend.

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 11.43.41 PM


Four long sessions with amazing teacher starting at 10am. Check out the program, and you will find Jason Nemer teaching a handstand workshop and a Shiva Shakti day with lots of Yin Yoga with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner. There will also be a Raw Food cooking workshop with Daphne Tatsou and Nina Savidi where you will eat all you prepare. And probably the highlight of the whole conference, Shiva Rea just landed from L.A. to give six hours of Prana Flow.

At 6:30pm, there will be a free event for all of those who want to meet Shiva Rea where she will be guiding a Movement and meditation session.

The joy continues at the BYC, don’t miss out!

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