Half way through!!


Half way through the BYC and the energy keeps building up. Yesterday it was an intense day – lots of practice and lots of emotions.

I started my day with Simon Borg Olivier’s Yoga Synergy session. The day before we worked on the spine, and yesterday we learned how to use our legs. An hour of funny explanations and explorations, rotating our legs in the air, discovering the muscles of our core and understanding a bit more of the condition of the modern western body. Then, we did a short but complete practice with no words. Simon just put some music on and started moving. The energy of the class was so powerful, everyone moving from the spine, using their muscles instead of falling into poses and being squashed by gravity. We finished gathering together at the front of the room and realizing that even if nothing we did looked like a “yoga pose” we actually did all the actions that are needed to do the most important poses with our legs in the air.

After a little break I joined Janet Stone’s Vi

nyasa class. A Durga inspired sequence to find the fearlessness in each of us. Heart openings and beautiful transitions that were serenated by the lovely kirtan happening at the BYC Village.

Later in the afternoon I attended Danny Paradise
Zorba and Shamanic Ashtanga sequence. The open-air practice was perfect for the topic of the workshop. Danny pointed out the importance of learning how to practice in nature. We are all so used to practice at indoors studios with perfectly leveled clean floors, but the real practice comes when we get in touch with our most natural state, and that can only come out when we are surrounded by nature.

It was a very inspiring day, with some beautiful encounters and reencounters, great conversations and a beautiful sangha coming together at the end of the day dancing to the sound of David Newman’s kirtan. Today it can only get better!!

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