“Does God really exist? Yes, he does really exist. But you don’t.”

What a bliss to be at BYC2014. It’s hot and we’re walking from class to class, holding hands and embracing during the breaks. Especially after few therapy workshops everyone you see seems so familiar and close..

Random thoughts in groupwork:

Somehow this year for me it is not as much about receiving “new knowledge”, it’s more about deepening the inner experience of being together with these great authentic kind beautiful people. If you need practical instructions then go for more smiling, more embracing, and more than anything – chanting and therapy workshops. Or both !

On Saturday KrishnaTakis and his wife started our day with Mudita yoga, colourful blend of dance, yoga, shaking and tantra exercises that help us come closer to the experience of Oneness. Then we had chance to assist Heeki Park, Jivamukti family coming together.

Later. Then Sacred Dance of Thai massage workshop offered us an opportunity to rock each others’ bodies after all of the intense practices. He has put his heart into it, so we did we.

Don’t forget the Shanti ice-cream stand and Yogi Tea stand.fotka

Beautiful highlights from dharma talks:

“Every single experience that we live through brings us closer to liberation, even though so many times we resist the things that don’t necessarily feel pleasant”.

“Does God really exist?

Yes, he does really exist. But you don’t.” (David Newman)

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