Of Hurricanes and Schedule Changes

“You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather” -Outkast, “Miss Jackson”

While the end goal of yoga is clearer experience of that which is eternal, in our daily lives it’s often said that the only constant is change itself. Nowhere do we experience this more than in the weather – and so it is that as a hurricane called Arthur makes landfall on the Eastern Seabord, its effects are felt as far away as Barcelona.

hurricane arthur iss astro_reid
The hurricane is the only known natural weakness of the kirtan wallah in the wild.

As the growing storm shuts down New York’s airports, beloved kirtan wallah Jai Uttal‘s flight to Barcelona has been cancelled (among hundreds of others).

While this may come as a disappointment to all who remembered the ecstatic joy of his kirtan that closed the very first BYC, we will have the pleasure of being led in chant and song by another internationally known Bhakti artist, David Newman aka Durga Das.

Durga Das, getting his bhakti on.

David has been a musician and yogi for over two decades and has recorded 11 albums of devotional music, while appearing on many more.

We look forward to embracing the providence of change in our lives and coming together in the joy of tonight’s Bhakti celebration with David, some special guests, and of course all the lovely yogis making the BYC of 2014!

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