FUNKY MUDITA मुदिता = joy


Muditā  मुदिता means joy. It is especially sympathetic or vicarious joy, the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being rather than begrudging it. In the unification of the elements…earth, fire, wind and air…we understand that all are interdependent and co-create the spiral dance of the universe. In Mudita yoga we do not follow any dogma…only offer a space where we can come into touch with the qualities of each element, explore it and find where our comfort zone is…and where we need to go out of the box in order to find the elemental balance within and without. In this journey, we endeavour to touch parts of the self to find the remaining jewel hidden behind the mask of the ego…the Mudita…the joy of being. Mudita meditation is used to cultivate appreciative joy at the success and good fortune of others. It is used to counteract the resentment, jealousy, or envy often experienced at another’s success. Joy is also traditionally regarded as the most difficult to cultivate of the four immeasurables (brahmavihārā: also “four sublime attitudes”). To show joy is to celebrate happiness and achievement in others even when we are facing tragedy ourselves.

Today (second day of the BYC ) I joined this amazing practice led by Krishna Takis and Kerys Williams. The class was amazing, joyful, filled with love and happiness. I never laugh so much during the practice, we had an opportunity to dance to the funky music, reggae, rock and spin like Sufis while praying. It was truly an unforgettable experience. Now I am looking forward to join the afternoon workshop with Krishna Takis – 4 hrs of Thai Massage !!! ❤  See you there !


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