Feeding your Soul

One of the best things about the BYC is that everyone seems to take care of each other. So when you feel hungry or a bit tired after two practices in a row someone else can take care of you. The food stands and the lovely people behind them have all kinds of good stuff to offer for you to feel energized, healthy and happy for the rest of the day!

At the Pranakitchen stand we have the lovely Martina who believes in food as medicine. Today’s special in her kitchen is the Saludos de Austria, a healthy and veganized version of the traditional Austrian apfelstrudel made with dehydrated apple leather with a filling of plum and almonds.


Next to it we find El Jardí de Buda, the only stand that serves vegetarian and vegan tapas made with love. The most special thing about this stand is that they have no trash – all their plates are edible!

At Záatar, a vegetarian restaurant based in Barcelona, Eli cooks chapatti on an open fire as well as eco-vegan meals and fresh juices. The special of today is the schnitzeltan, a vegan version of schnitzel with homemade seitan. He described his food as “homemade Mediterranean fusion inspired by the ancient way of cooking.”

This year there are two food caravans. Shanti Caravan offers vegetarian crepes, juices and chai with a wide range of colors. Lulu’s Vegan Café is a raw and vegan kitchen that goes around festivals and events selling superfoods, smoothies, coffee and raw snacks. Their main aim is to bring healthy food to everyone.

At the very far corner we find Superyogi High Bar, where one can buy superfoods, ayurvedic shakes, chia breakfast, raw falafel and raw chocolates.

If you are thirsty, try the instantaneous chai at Esencia de India, Girnar.es, 100% natural spiced teas that you can take anywhere with you. You can also get Vietnamese fresh spring rolls there made by Buen Rollito.

For an energy boost try a wheatgrass shot at Clorofeeling. Fresh sprouted wheat that turns into a superfood when juiced, bringing so much goodness to your body.

An established favorite of BYCs past and present is the Troo Food Liberation stand. It is a collaborative group of healthy food enthusiasts that go around Europe to yoga festivals and retreat centers to offer their amazing food. Today’s specials are vegan sushi, thali and raw cakes and chocolates. Daphne describes her kitchen as “chaos and consciousness”. Don’t miss out on their Rawfood Post-Conference Workshop!

A new addition to this year’s conference is the Déjà Bu stand. Created by two true yogis who believe in healthy Lifestyle Choices. At Déjà Bu you will find juices, healthy snacks and power smoothies, with their highlight being the Banana Rama smoothie with maca. Ariadna described their project as “fun-ctional nutrition”. You can learn more about what they are doing by visiting their shop in Barcelona. In fact, Troo Food Liberation and Lifestyle Choices will join together in September to give a Raw Food Workshop in Barcelona. Check the Lifestyle Choices page soon to know more about it!

So, plenty of choices to feed your soul. Let the food take care of you!


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