It started full speed

We begun.

Shower of embraces and long OMM from each room, music slow and fast, skin of all tones, leggings of all patterns and t-shirts of all colours. Soft embraces here, huge smiles there. How good to see old friends, some of them you only see at BYC.

You got yourself registered, staring at the programme, go.

Place your mat, sit still and listen.


Place your mat, listen and start moving.


Great start with Leslie Kaminoff, breaking our habitual patterns of breath during asana with help of the videos and images, and exercises of coordinating breath and movement. It is wonderful to be able to study with different teachers that have the same lineage – Krishnamacharya is the grandfather of it all.

We got to taste the Synergy yoga with Simon as well and that was a really fun and playful practice full of energizing, safe stretches for the spine presented in a totally unorthodox way.

Not to get away from the teachings, but the stands… so many and so colourful. Don’t you want to taste everything there is on offer? Vegan burritos, raw chocolate balls, raspberry ice cream… Don’t you want to get all the T-shirts and all the yoga mat bags?


Great start! More to come tomorrow, and our hearts are open enough now to sink it all in.




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