After the Storm…

I woke up to the sound of thunders and the rain falling heavily on the street. The first reaction one has on a day like that is just to curl up in bed and go back to sleep. But today I had something better to do than just staying in bed. I got up and prepared myself for a day of full yoga action.

The metro of Barcelona was witnessing dozens of people carrying yoga mats, ready to have the experience of the year. Before 8am I was already at the BYC site and the day was already starting to clear up. Happy faces all around, everyone looking at the classes schedule trying to decide where to go.

I chose Dharma Yoga with Yannis Andritsos, one of my favorite styles of yoga to set the mood for the day. Like the weather outside, the energy of the class was a bit cloudy at first, but it took just a few back bends for people to start waking up. Yannis knew how to engage us all into the practice, reminding us to be preset and to keep smiling.

I came out of the practice feeling awake, happy, grateful and energized. The sun was shining and everything was as perfect as it had to be. And finally after the storm…a quiet mind.


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