Choices, choices, choises…

With your ticket in your hand you’re on your way to BYC 2014. Exciting.

Now you need to be careful and get yourself acquainted with the program to avoid the long moments of indecision  “Where, oh where could I go next?” (speaking from experience). Get yourself informed so that you have more time to chill, have ice cream and do nothing between the classes. You can do it now, that you still have a little time or you can also talk to karma yogis who will be happy to help.

Be sure to use the user friendly system on the BYC website that allows you to chose different options and save them so you don’t have to look through the whole programme again. You can do that with your Iphone or Ipad as well, like I did.

Here are my recommendations: Friday

photo1You have lots of energy to practice so make it a Strong practice morning why not start from 8:00 with Dharma Yoga, method found by Dharma MIttra, one of the enlightened teachers of the day, then a little tea or smoothie. You can continue with Dynamic Yoga by Godfrey Devereux and follow it with Jivamukti Yoga by Heeki Park as it is what is one of most hip methods of the moment.

And then – see how you feel – maybe it’s time for kirtan or acroyoga fun, or if you interested in healing arts check out OsteoThai workshop. I usually don’t plan the last classes of the day to allow myself to chose on the spot – but Yoga Nidra sounds enticing already: we all need to master the art of Shavasana and dreaming.

Nothing better then finishing the day with your old and new friends chanting the names  during kirtan – Janin Devi and Kai Treude will lead us into devotion.


Saturday photo2

Following my white rabbit – my friends – I am going to Simon Borg-Olivier’s Yoga Synergy workshop, as I do want to learn “how to use legs more effectively during yoga practice” – this could be one of the best teachers (if there is such a thing) of the event. Later, I cannot skip – Jivamukti Yoga with Heeki Park.

Lunch, sweet embraces, jokes, hugs, long time no see encounters… then going to see my all time favorite BYC teacher – 4 hours with KrishnatTakis studying Sacred Dance of Thai Massage. Yes, Please!

Then once again taking it easy… and just chilling while we are waiting to bliss each other out with vibration during Jai Uttal’s kirtan. Cannot wait any longer…

Bhakti cannot be described… only experienced.



Hard to say now if we will be able to wake up to get there by 8:00, but let’s try! If so I’ll start the day with Mikhail Baranov and definitely follow it with Yin Yoga, as Yin Yoga is the “counter posture” for all the previous dynamic activities, which allows you to move back inwards. Then maybe Kirtan with KrishnaTakis to get your being soft, kind and open for OsteoThai workshop with David Lutt.

We will finish the day in the vibrational embrace chanting the names of God together, thanking the Earth, BYC team, each other for the experience of union, connection and oneness.

I am really looking forward to finish the BYC roller coaster with Shiva Rea and Jai Uttal on Monday. I have no doubt that it will be nothing but amazing.

If you have better ideas, find me and let me know! Our encounter is a matter of hours now, and it fills my heart with joy.



One Comment

  1. su.jok

    I llthink about you each moment from island Creta…….my dear Anastasias will bring you my hugs……Maria and Evelina from Athens too….

    Hope to see you next year


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