Barcelona Yoga

Special Free Events at BCY !

TOMORROW starts Barcelona Yoga Conference ! Maybe this time you couldn’t make to the whole event but don’t worry as there is amazing opportunities to still come and enjoy special events. Free community classes, powerful discussions, guest speakers, and Kirtans. We’ve got it all covered to bring you the opportunity to choose your own experience when attending BYC! Friday we start with the morning Sadhana Kundalini Yoga after you can enjoy class with Kilian Trenkle : “Whether you are new to yoga or a head-standing old hat, a FeetUp class has something inspirational to offer for everybody and every body. Turn your world upside down …and you’ll have the sky at your feet”. Then you might join for presentation of raw food and digest it while singing with JayJayJay or do some introduction to AcroYoga ! At 17:00 there also will be a Slackline & AcroYoga class, and after that TWO KIRTANS ! So as you see Friday has a lot to offer !

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 23.54.58 On Saturday we start with Hatha Vinyasa and then the day will be filled with AcroYoga and Kirtans ! So it will definitely be a very HAPPY and ENJOYABLE Yogi Saturday !

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 23.55.04

On Sunday we can repeat the Slackline practice. Just come have fun with us… we will dance, we will play, we will hear the beat of the drums, and we will get crazy with some cool Acrobatics… all of it AFRICAN STYLE! Then try some more Acro and at the end of the day close up with amazing Bhakti Celebration ! For sure you will find something that you like. Be prepared to learn and experience something extraordinary this weekend !  SEE YOU SOON ! Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 23.55.10

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