The countdown started

Just one more week for the yogi event of the year! As my blogger mates have already done, it is time for me to organize my schedule for the weekend. It is probably the toughest part of the whole BYC... so much good stuff happening, so many amazing teachers and new styles to try. That’s why I decided to create a profile on the Program page and select the classes I would like to try. You can then easily have your schedule with you on your phone and never miss a class!

Friday's Schedule
Friday’s Schedule

On Friday I will start my day with a Dharma Yoga class with Yannis Andritsos. I took a workshop with him a couple of years ago and I remember how mesmerized I was by his presence and his teachings. Although Dharma Yoga is not my daily practice, I often attend classes and very much enjoy the completeness of the style. Right after, I will attend a Vinyasa class with Keith Borden. Vinyasa yoga is been my practice for the last few years, and I am very interested in the dynamic class that K.Borden is going to give around “gate pose” (parhigasana), using it as a metaphor to enter the gates of deeper consciousness.

After two very active practices and a deserved break for some gorgeous food, I will attend Godfrey Devereux‘s satsang on Being the intelligence that you are. After attending one of his satsangs last year here in Barcelona, I have been reading some of his writings that I fully recommend – The Little Book of the Bandhasa more practical guide through physical yoga practice, and Yoga Unveiled, a commentary on the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. A session of jnana yoga will be a very good way to get ready for the afternoon practice, a session with Danny Paradise, who I met last year at the past edition of the BYC and completely fell in love with his approach to shamanic culture and its relationship to yoga.

Saturday's Schedule
Saturday’s Schedule

Saturday will be quite a different day. I will start the day by attending Simon Borg Olivier’s Yoga Synergy class. I met Simon earlier this year when traveling through Australia after having studied some of his online practices and practicing with people who were influenced by him. Meeting him was such a revelation for me and it definitely made a huge impact in the way I practice. I really encourage people to discover the work he is doing which draws from Chinese martial arts as well as his own background as a physiotherapist. As passionate as I am about yoga I am also a healthy-food lover, and when I saw that there will be a raw food workshop I knew I couldn’t miss it! If you try Daphne’s and Nina’s food at their stand you will want to know their secrets too!

Later I will attend Heeki Park‘s Jivamukti class. I missed her classes last year and only heard good things about them, so this year is a must! I really enjoy the Jivamukti style and it is always a fresh and uplifting practice. And to finish the asana practice for the day I will attend a Vinyasa Yoga – Durga Flow by Janet Stone. I never took her intermediate class and it seems like it will be a very shakti practice embodying the powers of the Goddess Durga. The last activity of the day will be the most anticipated event of the weekend, the kirtan with Jai Uttal, which is unmissable! I think that I will sleep very deeply that night…

Sunday's Schedule
Sunday’s Schedule

On Sunday my day will begin with a Partner & Community Yoga session with Ieva Wildlovebeamer. I am very interested in this class as my partner and I teach partner yoga workshops regularly and it will be so good to get inspired and see what other people are doing with this kind of practice, which teach you very different things than a regular yoga practice. After that I will be ready to shake my body with some Afro Yoga – which is also a Free session! It seems like the perfect combination to me: Yoga and Dancing. And not any kind of dancing, but African music which has the most earthy and solid rhythms in the world.

As you can see, I will repeat another Yoga Synergy session just because I love the practice and will take as much advantage of having Simon at the BYC as I can! To finish up the day I will attend Lorenzo Becchi’s Flying Therapeutics workshop. I have been practicing Acroyoga for a few years and these days I am more inclined towards the therapeutic side of it, which I find incredibly helpful and healing, and knowing the work that Lorenzo has been doing the last few years I think it will be a great ending to the weekend.

So, now you know how to make your own schedule and have it with you all the time. Start thinking about it and make your choices, and, of course, see you at the Bhakti Celebration on Sunday night for the closing ceremony!



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