Getting excited as BYC2014 comes into focus!

After seeing Malwina’s last post I decided to plan myself a schedule too, to get a better idea of the range of teachings and teachers I will aim to engage with during the conference. After creating a SCHED account via the link at the top of the Program page, I started making my choices.

Although I had already looked through to see who was coming some time ago, making a personal program made me much more excited as I got a more real and specific sense of how the conference this year could be for me. With so much on, it is of course impossible to do everything – but there’s really something for everyone, no matter what your age, background, experience…

At the same time, I found that for me personally the choices were clear in most sessions as there are a few teachers I am very much looking forward to see.

Morgan BYC sched 1

Starting with an energizing Ashtanga session with highly experienced teachers Mark & Joanne Darby, I’ll then aim to go into a sensitive, subtle Dynamic Yoga practice with Godfrey Devereux. Having read some of Godfrey’s wonderful writings recently I am really looking forward to see him teach and then also to experience his Satsang on the innate intelligence inside us, that we recognise and participate in more fully through yoga praxis and deep self-inquiry.

As is clear from my schedule picks though, the teacher I am most looking forward to see is Simon Borg-Olivier. In recent years the Yoga Synergy style has made a huge impact on how I practice and teach, through its intelligent and integrated blend of yogic principles, practices from many different traditions, and modern physiotherapy. I plan to attend each of the workshops he is giving if I can possibly make it! And am also very happy that he will be giving some post-conference masterclasses at our studio (details here). I’m sure that his classes will be inspiring to everyone who comes, beginners and teachers alike.

Having heard great things about Danny Paradise after last year’s conference, I’ll be happy to finally practice with him this year. Shamanic culture interests me greatly and I’m keen to see how he weaves this together with the roots of our yoga practice, and also in the joint workshop (with Anastasis Koutsogiannis) on Saturday, blending this with the spirit of Zorba the Greek!

Morgan BYC sched 2Going into the weekend, it will be wonderful to try out less common practices like Blindfold Yoga and Yoga Aereo, and see how they can bring a different wisdom into my own regular practice. By changing the relationship to our senses, and to gravity, we can gain insight into how we experience these aspects of having a body, and also perhaps where we hold unnecessary tension around those relationships. I am also interested to see how Mikhail Baranov introduces pranayama in both theory and practice, as the relationship with the breath is perhaps the most fundamental and fruitful we can cultivate!

And of course, Saturday night bring perhaps the highlight of the whole conference – kirtan with the incomparable Jai Uttal! (And FREE, no less!)

The final day will be even more flowing, with the dance, osteopathy and qi gong-infused Wuo Tai practice, more Yoga Synergy, and a final release of the weekend’s efforts into the playful but deep flying therapeutics of Lorenzo Becchi. All topped off with a Bhakti celebration that, if previous years are anything to go by, will leave me smiling for days 🙂

So I’m looking forward to it even more now! Take a look, explore the program, and see how your conference may flow this year… ॐ


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