Unity through Others

Unity through Othersheart wariHere is an excerpt from Jivamukti’s Focus of the month written by Sharon Gannon:
“The state of “yoga,” or “union,” is when the individual self reunites with the infinite, undifferentiated, eternal Self. Yoga has been described as samadhi, or blissful ecstasy, because it is such a relief to finally reconnect with your whole being after so many lifetimes of wandering in the illusionary world of disconnection. The methods of yoga help to bring together that which appears to be separate.Enlightenment is the goal of all yoga practices. Perceiving others—that is, perceiving ourselves as separate from others—is the biggest obstacle to enlightenment. For a yoga practice to work, it must address how to dissolve the others in our lives. Yoga teaches us that in truth there is only oneness; others are an illusionary projection coming from our own minds, from our own past karmas (actions). The practices help us to purify our karmas, which involve our relationships with others, so that we may perceive the oneness of being”.

As we continue on the sadhana path, experiences that give us the taste of oneness are important, so that use this lifetime to get as close to liberation as possible. That moment of experience can be as short as a glimpse or as long as a stare, but we must be in them regularly in order to convince our limited mind that it is indeed the right direction. Chanting, sadhana, shavasana after a vigorous practice, meditation, bhakti practices, like pujas release us from those small shells  and melt us into the Ultimate, but somehow it is never a guaranteed outcome: just like meditation, it is a state of absorption that happens – you cannot force it to.BYC is this perfect exception to that rule, as if you stay and practice over 3-5 days, as you will be experiencing so much intensity and purification (that if you do practice a lot, not only chill by the ice cream stand) that kind of experience is bound to happen – eventually and inevitably.

Welcome to BYC, place where oneness of being is cultivated class by class, kirtan by kirtan, embrace by embrace, “thank you” after “thank you”, “namaste after “namaste” and slowly and gently your heart is enlarged. And who doesn’t want to have a bigger heart?

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