Prana Food at the BYC

Yoga culture extends far beyond the asana, breathwork and meditation practices that have exploded in popularity in recent years. Yogic awareness can be reflected and explored in many facets of human experience – social projects, music, art, and education, to name just a few.

And one thing every yoga practitioner knows is just how much our diet can affect how we feel and act. So it’s no surprise there’s huge interest in developing better awareness around what foods we can really feel support a yogic practice and lifestyle. And though of course it’s not the central focus of the conference, anyone who’s been knows the food there is a real treat!

This year we will see Martina Wastl bringing her Pranakitchen project to light up our tastebuds. Fast becoming well-known in the Barcelona yoga community for her delicious creations at workshops and retreats, she’ll be making fresh, vegan prana food for hungry yogis needing to refuel after a vigorous Rocket yoga session or an afternoon of acrobatic flying!

She says, “when we start to purify our systems by eating fresh, unprocessed food, we take all this natural goodness into our systems, into our cells, the space between our cells and from the physical level to a more subtle one. The Pranakitchen project is meant to inspire you to go back to preparing your own delicious food. Quick, simple, down-to-earth, using affordably priced seasonal ingredients, local recipes and creative adaptions from the Mediterranean, Arabia and the Carribbean, inspired by Austrian, Mexican and Indian cuisine.”

While she often makes simple, nourishing meals, one of my favourite things about Pranakitchen food is these imaginative re-workings of traditional dishes into something lighter and more wholesome than the original. Check out this simple vegan “cheesecake” from her blog:

martina cheesecake

I baked a carrot cake for an event and I wanted the portions to look good so I cut the cake into round patties. There were a lot of left overs, and I could eat them for breakfast, I was thinking – OR let them get rock hard and use them as a cheesecake base, so far so good… once the leftovers were hard enough, I added freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a handful of soaked dates, and blended everything until I had a smooth, crumbly mass. If you go for it keep checking and add more liquid, if needed, making sure it is moist otherwise it will fall apart later. I pressed the mass into a spring form and put it aside.

For the filling I mixed avocados, lemon juice and a teaspoon of melted coconut oil, poured the filling on the base and put the cake into the fridge. The coconut oil makes the filling firm – add more if you want to be able to cut the cake, add less if you like the filling creamy.


There will be delicious conscious food creations from Martina and many others at the BYC this year. Stop by and she’ll be happy to talk about prana, food, yoga and life as you try some of her tasty treats!

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