what is not on the programme

is that BYC is a metta meeting


smiles all over

Metta is loving kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, benevolence, close mental union.. or so says wikipedia.

Metta is the attitude that Buddhists chose to relate to the world, in order to make it a better place. Seeing others with divine eyes, looking at everything with a loving look and a gentle wink. You know what I am talking about when you hear Dalai Lama speak or Buddhist monks smile at you.

Modern yogis are normal humans, they are not monks or angels, they are not always serene, detached and conscious, there is as much drama in their lives as in anybody’s. Yet when we get together somehow the metta naturally comes out to the surface and connects with all the other mettas through the loving looks, gentle touches, embraces. Anytime there’s a break between the classes you come out of the shala, you see people smile at each other, catching up, chanting, acroying, bathing each other in that soft positivity.

Because yoga has high values, people that practice it try to cultivate yamas and niyamas sometimes without even realizing it. First they come to class out of curiosity, next thing they know they are vegetarian… Values like ahimsa (non violence), karuna (loving compassion) just arise naturally with time. So when we meet, when there are so many of us to come together and practice and all that metta is brought out to light, it shines so bright, it melts hard hearts and opens space inside. For good things to settle in.

Words are so limited to describe that space. But you can easily experience it. Your date with metta starts on 3 July 2014.


Barcelona Yoga Conference

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