Experiencing yoga in one voice

Out of all the highlights of the BYC  my favourite is certainly Jai Uttal’s presence and the free (!) entrance to his kirtan. I feel obliged to talk about it anytime I can, as I really hope all Barcelona will come and join to chant in one voice on Saturday 5 July.

Jai Uttal’s concert at the very first BYC was the first kirtan I ever attended and I did not know that it will be love from the first sight. Not with Jai (as handsome as he is), but with Bhakti. Of course I chanted mantras before, yet never with so many people at once and never with such heart opening sensations and feet stomping movements.

It was an explosion of energy from within. It felt quite crazy as there was no alcohol served but I have never seen a crowd so young and ecstatic, so many smiles, tears and peace in one place, high on pure bhav.

I use Jai’s music during Thai massage sessions and yoga classes, self-practice, while riding on the bike and not only because it is good music. Repeating the names of God is how a bhakta, a yogi that chose the path of devotional yoga, connects to his or her holy nature and develops a relationship with God and the devine nature of all that surrounds him.  No wonder it is said that Bhakti and reciting the names of God together in a satsang is the fastest path to liberation – it feels good, it feels right and effortless.

kirtan love


photography by Patricia Torales



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