Maybe you’re not as much into yoga, maybe you don’t need to get yourself into a pretzel every second morning, but do you like to connect to people? Do you enjoy healthy food, positive vibes, live music?

If you do, then BYC is indeed for you and has so much to offer.

Firstly, you will see many people with kind look on their face (for no particular reason), they will smile at you and be interested in where you are coming from and where you’re going although most importantly they will love the fact that you are with them at that moment. Authentic – is the word to describe BYC community.

Next on the list is… Food. So much delicioussness is taking place in different stands, vegetarian, vegan varieties of dishes you most probably never heard of (but would love to try out).

The food is full of prana, the vital energy, as all the chefs that are preparing it (I had the privilege to know most of them) are just really good people that care for what they serve.

The cherry on the top is with no doubt the music, the constant unstruck sound of music. Through the day not only we hear beautiful playlists composed by the Gurus, sharing what inspires them on their journey, but also live music played by many different musicians. Combined with practice, or just sitting and listening to it, it does strange things to you. Hard to describe it with words, but deep honest look on people’s faces while listening to kirtan would explain the heart opening sensations, the trust in the goodness of the world that is being restored, the faith in kindness that is felt so profoundly through the crowd.

wari photo byc

Yogi or not, vegetarian or not, believer or not, musician or not, just come and be with us. Your energy summed up to the rest will create the wave of kindness that the world needs today.

Barcelona Yoga Conference


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