The art of silence


If you want to experience the power of the early morning silence, theer will be Sadhana at 6am everyday during the BYC!

As human beings, we are very good at keeping ourselves busy.

Having a day full of errands, work and social activities is a common thing to most of us. Our mind works in the same way. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning we are already thinking, or planning, or worrying about something. Most of us these days wake up to the sound of our smart phones, and before even turning on the light you find yourself checking Whatsapp.

Almost automatically, we open the computer and Facebook, emails, news, start to bombard our brains. And you still haven’t even had breakfast! But you are not going to eat yet, because you are going to a yoga class. Then you go down the street and you find cars honking, kids crying, trucks unloading, angry people etc.By the time you make it to your yoga studio your mind has been through all kinds of activities. And now…close your eyes and tune in to your breath.

Last summer I did my Hatha-Vinyasa Teacher Training with Amelie Strecker. It was a three week immersion in a beautiful house in the country, 10 hours every day, diving deep into my practice and the vast realms of yoga. An intense and transformative experience that has definitely changed my life. Of all the wonderful moments during that time, probably the mornings were the most special. Every day we would wake up at 6am and have a half an hour meditation and a 2,5 hour asana practice, followed by a gorgeous breakfast. During all that time, the deal was mouna – silence. After finishing the training and going back to my life in the city I realized that those four hours of silence every morning were what I missed the most. I felt so lucky to have had the time to do that for three weeks every day and it seemed that it was a luxury that I could never have in the city. But I found that I could!

While it is true that finding quietness in a city is somehow harder, I find that one can always find inner silence. But when? First thing in the morning – the mind is quieter and rested and it is easier to absorb the benefits of a meditation practice. It requires a bit more effort and some dedication, but your mind will really appreciate it. Although not every day (yet!), I try to sit and meditate most mornings. Maybe just for a few minutes, and sometimes longer. But there is something very powerful about extending that quietness that you have cultivated during the night and keeping it for as long as possible through the day. I love waking up and, after sweetly kissing my love, silently make my way to the lounge, wrapping my shoulders with a blanket and  sitting still. The city slowly awakening but I am there, starting my day with a quiet mind, developing little by little the art of silence.

If you want to experience the power of the early morning silence, theer will be Sadhana at 6am everyday during the BYC!


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