Dance with me

wari It has been a year that I practice the sacred dance of Thai massage after the  course with Pau and Till and few workshops with Krishnatakis and it has brought many wonderful experiences and enriched my life.

Daring to touch someone softly but deeply can be a huge responsibility. Only after learning the techniques you realize that Thai massage is not about the technique but more about learning to connect with someone as a soul. We must learn to see the other as a perfect being on their way to enlightenment, a being that needs a moment of rest, or connecting to their body, or just having someone be there and you are in the perfect time and place to provide that.

I will never forget Demi Papa’s words which I repeat as a prayer before every treatment: “My darling, I love you. I am here to serve you. I will do my best”. This mantra releases my fears of doing it right or wrong, whether they will like it or not, and we just start moving as energy bodies, feeling the pressure and colourful emotions coming out, inhaling space and releasing things that no longer serve us.

My favorite are the moments of stillness when we speak in silent language and all things becomes so much clearer.

In all sincerity, none of this would have been possible without BYC so I invite everyone to come, learn, have fun and I promise with few workshops or even just one you will be able to give someone a gift of effortless dancing. These words coming from personal experience.

Barcelona Yoga Conference 2013-1224

Check for the suitable workshop for you here or if you are feeling it come to the Pre-Conference to spend the whole day with Krishnatakis and David Lutt

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