Simon Borg Olivier & Synergy Yoga at BYC 2014 !


I am so excited as this year 2014 Simon Borg Olivier the Co-Director of Yoga Synergy is coming to Barcelona Yoga Conference ! The Yoga Synergy style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga. It’s a dynamic, moving meditation, which links specific yoga postures performed in sequence, with specific breathing patterns. This style of yoga is very effective in developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, increasing energy and the ability to deal with stress. I also love this style for its beautiful and very creative flow and use of various hand mudras (which has a great impact on your internal organs, meridians and spine ! ) After practicing some of the Synergy style I noticed a huge difference in how my back and the same my spine was. I was amazed ! It just felt so good !

In one of interviews Simon said: ‘Yoga is the ultimate spiritual practice. Iyengar once told us, his students, and I carry this expression ever since, he said: «Yoga is when you make every cell of the body sing the song of the soul.» That’s sounds like spirituality to me. A soul doesn’t reside in just one place, it resides in every cell of the body – every cell has a soul. So in my yoga practice I’m trying to connect with every cell. We are trying to make energy, information, prana and chitta move to every cell. And this body is being a temple. This makes spirituality.’

I am greatly looking forward to meet him and practice with him this year at the Barcelona Yoga Conference !

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