BYC 2014 – six months to go

On my 2014 calendar there is one big red spot right in the middle, more awaited then Easter or Christmas, or even my birthday party. First weekend of July – Barcelona Yoga Conference. The fireworks of yogi vibes coming together in Catalunya’s capital for 5 days to increase the peace.

So when recently the programme was published onlline, I was so happy. Greedily my eyes were rushing through the names of the workshops… Exciting! So many famous teachers, new yoga styles raise curiosity and make you wonder.

So what do I see?

– Pre-Conference with Patrick Broome or Krishnatakis/David Lutt – amazing
– Even more extended variety of choices for every single class up, sometimes up to 9 options (it will be tough to chose, I can tell you!)
– a lot of Jivamukti (my favourite)
– a lot of Therapy classes (Osteothai, Thai massage, etc.) – we all need so much healing
– a lot of Music (a lot of free bhajans, kirtans) – we all need bhakti love
– free Jai Uttal concert – seriously.. that is a beautiful gift to everyone who will be able to attend. I use his heart opening chants during yoga classes, Thai massage sessions, bike rides, chill time and like a musical background for just about any activity and his soft but his voice just centers you in love and in giving straight up
– 9 billion old and new styles of yoga, all so colourful
– as well as Dance, Meditation, Satsang, Acroyoga, Raw food…
– Post conference with Shiva Rea and Jai Uttal – cannot wait to do this

So thank you dear organizers, I can feel you guys have done this one with so much love.

In this cold winter day, I cannot wait for that warm sunny summer 3rd of July to creep in and merge our yogi hearts together in One love.


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