Guru Purnima

First time I was introduced to these two words was during first BYC by Anusara Teacher John Friend. Even though I had hard time with some aspects of his pre-conference workshop, he did gave me one great inspiration that day.

We were in some pretzel asana sweating and counting down those too fast too shallow kind of breaths while he said “It is the month of Guru Purnima, the celebration of your teacher. Imagine your Guru supporting each one of your asana, with strong presence. Always believe in the Guru force behind everything, honor the teachings and dedicate your practice to it.” All of a sudden,we vizualized and felt it. We became less tense, more spacious, thanks to that invisible support, soft but firm hand behind our backs, touching gently and letting us know that it is there, whenever we call out for it.

It is that force speaking daily through many mouths, touching by many hands, that I honour today and always.

Thank you all my great teachers, for making sure that I am who I am today.

Here and Now, in this full mooon, thank you

My parents,Vera and Yuriy
My school and university teachers
My friends along life

My yoga gurus: Krishnamacharya, Desikachar, all KYM faculty, Gordana and Gloria from Mandiram, Kathy Paez, Renata, Clothilde (beyoga studio, where my yoga journey started!), Jivamukti love: Olga Oskorbina, Jules Fiebre, Rima Rani, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Patrick Broome.
Thai Massage sun-gurus: Krishna Takis, Pau Casttelgue, Till Heeg, David Lutt, Kaline Alayna, Paulina Maliniak


Let us always remain in beginners mind, in the open mind, like a child. Knowing that we are carried upwards every time we look  at our guru.


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