All we need is Love


So here I am, nearly two weeks after the yoga conference and the feeling still goes on.
Contemplating my experience I can certainly say that I left Barcelona carrying more knowledge and inspiration but the most  precious gift I received was Love.
Love for life, love for sharing, love for self-awareness, love for union, love for love…
The last day I could feel my heart so wide open that could fit the whole world!
After a mystical devotional night with Krishna Das, a loving tender Kundalini class with Amir Jaan and the OsteoThai Workshop with David Lutt which was based on the heart, I was in Love.
A state of being that I shared with all of you… while we were practicing, exchanging massage, dancing together or just sharing a cup of tea.
Cause after all, as the Beatles said “all we need is love!”
And I keep spreading the message, even if this is drawing a heart in the dusty window of my car.
Thank you all for making the Barcelona Yoga Conference a love celebration!

May all beings be happy, may all beings be in love!


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