The Heart of BYC 2013 – David Lutt’s Osteothai Class


The Heart of BYC – For me the grand finale of the Barcelona Yoga Conference this year.

Sunday afternoon and the conference ends with an offering of a prayer of light in the centre of the main hall.  David’s Lutt’s Osteothai class began with explaining embryology and why the heart is so important from conception, to ending the class with a huge beautiful heart of flowers with each person in the room lighting a candle and offering their prayer.   He described how his inspiration for the class came when he arrived at Sunshine House Greece and saw Pau wearing 2013 BYC t.shirt with a Heart on it.

Using Spheres, balloons and a kiss to his beloved (Dau) he expressed clearly the function of the Heart! The guided demo was all focused on the upper body and from the outside to some people it may have looked like not alot would be happening!  However as with all Osteothai techniques, the subtly of the touch combined with the gently rocking movement meant that the effect was super powerful.  The room of people practicing from their heart on the heart allowed for a deep sense of peace to fill the space.  Most people receiving drifting away into a land of bliss.  It was a joy to give such a sweet and powerful sequence and watch your partners breath deepen as their body and mind let go…  Finally it was so beautiful to watch  over 100 people light a candle & place it in the Heart of flowers accompanied by the beautiful sounds of Mischka & Lulu.  My prayer of light went to Babbs & Leigh,  part of the sangha who were with us in spirit & to family suffering from cancer.

A little clip of the joyful end.

As an avid lover of Osteothai I was excited by some new techniques, this is what I love about David his love for the practice means he’s constantly learning, exploring and innovating.  To learn more of this he has created Osteothai for the heart, neck and Crane.  Check out for all the courses.  Or hopefully he will be back at BYC 2014!!  Big Love x

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