One love


So here we are. This is it.

The overwhelming feeling is definitely gratitude.

Gratitude to the all the great teachers who took the time to come and share their wisdom.

Gratitude to all the orange hearted karma-yogis that have worked hard in organizing the event.

Ultimate thank you is to all and each one of you, participants, for making Barcelona Yoga Conference exactly what it is, for your practice, for your energy and dedication to yoga.

We hope you feel re-newed, re-freshed, re-inspired, re-connected, re-opened, re-nourished, re-started, re-vitalized. It was great to find ourselves in this sangha. Sangha is family. And now you belong here.

The coming back to the “real world” might be tough for some of us. But what is real? Yogis know that the world is nothing but the projection of our mind. Thus what matters the most is what you believe in. So what is the world you want to live in? Make that decision for yourself, take care of the content of your thoughts, it is entirely up to you. Thoughts become things – chose good ones.

Whatever you lived and experienced here at BYC 2013 – you are now part of it and that cannot be undone. Now you have a huge responsibility on your hands:  to spread the love, to spread the peace, to spread the joy.

Buddhaya, dharmaya, sanghaya


  1. su.jok

    It was ….amazing for all ,to be a part of that dream and realaization of you …all


    See you next year,coming with our friends!

    Wait soon for….fotoknews


    Christina I. Bitzanaki

    Dentinst – Microacupuncture – Sujok

    Stasiologist – Alternative med.

    Chania – Crete

    Mobile: 6932992389

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