Hearty Kundalini Yoga Class

Waking up this morning I was feeling exhausted. After 3 days of intense physical exercise, with  many yoga classes and thai massage workshops, my body and mind were asking for nourishment. I arrived in BYC area and decided to join the Kundalini Yoga class with Amir Jaan.
The class emphasized in the opening of Anahata chakra and was absolutely lovely!

Amir was talking during the class sharing beautiful teachings from many traditions like Buddhism Zen and Tantra.

Talking on the breath he said short breath gives rise to anxiety while long breath gives rise to peace.

If you want to keep one thing from today’s class this should be deep relaxation…
The class aims to show you how to be strong and soft at the same time. Strong enough to be ourselves and soft enough to let others to be themselves.
Strong enough to know when to push your foot on the gas and keep going and soft enough to know when to surrender, when to let go…
Keeping phenomenical easy poses for a few minutes, made us enjoying even more the in between relaxations. Be strong to keep the pose and soft to keep breathing!
Amir with his beautiful hearty class brought the nourishment I was looking for and for sure affected my heart chakra… In love!

Sat Nam


photo: Kundalini Yoga class with Amir Jaar- BYC 2013

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