Bhakti Yoga with krishna Das


Saturday evening, eight o’clock and all the classes have finished.  Coming out from Krishnatakis thai massage workshop, I see more and more people heading to the concert area.  All waiting for Krishna Das and the vibe is so beautifully mystical.
People hanging together, wearing their nice smiles and getting ready for Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. In the entrance, the stuff shares material with the mantras we’ll chant this night.
Nearly nine o clock and the concerts starts on time.
The atmosphere is filled by the magical sounds of the tabla, harmonium, violin and cymbals.
All chanting together, coming closer and opening our hearts through the powerful vibrations of the Sanskrit mantras.
As the time passes, more and more people are standing up, invocating the spirit with their dance. I am dancing with them, sharing the same love, sharing the same passion.
Om Namah Shivaya… Om namah Shivaya… Om Namah Shivaya…
My mind in meditative state and my body in the rhythm of the music.
What a blissful night under the summer sky of Barcelona!
May all beings be happy, may we all find peace! Om

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