Day 3 – sore back, more yoga, bigger family, deeper sadhana

Early in the morning entering the BYC2013 zone, it feels like home. After so much emotional turmoil I wanted something steady, so Shivananda Yoga seemed appropriate.

It was perfect. Marcus Felsner is a European Sadhu, with a relaxed, yet centered attitude that he seems sthira sukham personified. The class was flowy, with quite few Shavasanas in between which makes it grounding and easier practice. We all needed a regular yoga class with familiar asanas after all the intense novelties. That kind of practice lets you look inwards, go deeper and connect with shanti that we are all looking for in yoga.
Ideal continuation of Shivananda yoga class was Meditation practice with Antonia Sumbundu. Antonia is special, she is so grounded and transmits peace. She is a psychologist and her work focuses on the clinical application of meditation, which she has been teaching internationally.

She showed us the way to a very simple yet profound idea of happiness.
“May I be happy and have the causes of happiness”. Meditation, explains Antonia, is not about creating a pleasant experience, we are looking inwards. In our daily lives we tend to focus on the bad qualities, or what we lack, so if you can meditate on your good qualities, and your personal abundance, this will free you and take you to the next step of awareness.

One step forward is looking around you and knowing we are all unified by that one simple wish to be happy.

So next time you have someone near you, remember that all he or she wants is to be happy, just like you.1044309_405458092897067_1074165300_n As we are all one.

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