Danny Paradise, the Shaman Yogi

Entering Danny’s Paradise class today, I wasn’t surprised at all to see so many people waiting for him. Danny Paradise is a famous teacher who has been practicing and teaching for over 30 years and he is characterized for his non-dogmatic style of yoga.
I had many friends telling me about his teaching, and today i  finally got to practice with him.
Danny started the class explaining  what shamanic yoga is and how these two traditions are not different from each other.
Shamanism said has been the oldest spiritual tradition and all the ancients cultures were worshipping nature and considered mother earth as a guide. Yoga as well, has been an ancient tradition and the goal of yoga is to discover our true nature. The essence of yoga is freedom he said, and added “we don’t become free, we are free”.
He talked also about the teachers-gurus saying that they are useful for getting the techniques from them but then you have to follow your own path and be the guru for yourself. His words brought Krishnamurti teachings in my mind.
The practise started with demonstration of  Mula bandha and Uddiyana bandha, and as  expected, it was dynamic with a lot of sweating.
It was interesting also to  see his influences from different traditions in the asana practice. We performed some twists inspired from the Egyptian Hieroglyphics and this makes you realize once again that yoga is universal and belongs to all of us.

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