BYC2013 – Day 2 we loved it. Did you?


Sun is shining and everyone’s here.

BYC seems magical, it’s a small island of unity, of spirituality, of metta powered by good intentions of the OM SHANTI family.

You see all the boys and girls in their colorful comfy clothing with the mats spreading slowly through the classes with smiles on their faces (even at 7am, I swear it can only be yogis). Everything breathes out a good vibe: the girls in reception, people in the stands, the chefs and the food. Have you tried those ice creams? Whoa. That is one other important reason to attend BYC.

In the center of it all are the master classes. The menu prepared by Pau is delicious – you get five (!) options to choose from every time and honestly that seems like the hardest thing for everyone to do. You see people with puzzled faces looking at the BYC schedule sheet on every corner.

How to choose, when there are so many, too many good options?

You just have to go with whatever your heart is set out for. Whatever someone recommended, whatever sounds interesting. It doesn’t mean will always like it, but sometimes it can be a life changing experience. Most of the time it is, whether we know it or not. I can bet that every attendee will have something “life changing” to talk about in a while because BYC is about great teachers coming together to share their wisdom.

But what makes a good teacher? A good student.

That’s an art to be practiced every day, and it’s unbelievably easy to do with hundreds of others yoga lovers just like yourself here at BYC2013.

Let it all flow, and take us all to the next level. Let it all contribute to the peace on Earth.


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