Anastasis, Nataraja from Greece

1044126_598370043535916_2134302009_nHola amigos! This morning i started the day with Anastasis Koutsogiannis and Zorba Spirit Yoga!

I was curious to practise with him since i read the description of his style, and especially because he hails from Greece as i do, and i hadn’t heard about him before.

I met him just before the yoga class and you can definitely  say that he is a Zorba yogi…  a yogi with a strong Greek  temperament!
Influenced  from two different cultures, India where he started his yoga journey  and Greece of the playful Zorba, he explained how to integrate  these two elements in one. He shared his belief of how the modern yogi should be dedicated and devotional but joyful and crazy at the same time. And this is is the spirit of  Zorba Yoga.
Then he quoted Mother Teresa saying that the most difficult distance for a man to walk, is the distance from his mind to his heart. Beautiful words of wisdom!
The practice emphasized a lot in heart openings, using mudras, like the lotus mudra as an offering  to ourselves and the divine. Anastasis was keep repeating “Smile, the asana should be joyful, dont struggle too much!”

Coming to the end of the practise, we performed balancing poses in dancing mood! Like Zorba the dancer! Like Shiva the dancer!
We lay down for the last position… Savasana accompanied by the sound of  live sitar! My mind had travelled back to India while my body was sinking in deep relaxation.

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