Dancing the sacred dance with Krishnataki!

Arriving this morning in the yoga conference, I was so happy to see again beloved friends and teachers. After getting my pass, a pink bracelet saying  “start doing things you love”, I emerged myself in the Thai Massage workshop with Takis Oikonomou!
Although I’m coming from the Sunshine Network too, I didn’t have the chance until this morning to practice with Takis. A teacher with Greek blood running  in his veins, who has been in this path since 1998 and incorporates in his teachings Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Meditation.

Sunshine House -5183
It was time to start… We made a beautiful circle and chanted a Buddha mantra to reconnect with the divine and to each other. Then an introduction to Thai massage  with Takis explaining the importance of the touch. How we touch and feel, as well as the importance of  how placing  the body correctly so we don’t create tension.
“Always moving from the hara, always dance! Use the body language!”

I like his approach when he said “In Thailand they say no pain, no game… I don’t agree!  Thai massage is about sharing love and tenderness!”
We moved to our tatami and started the guided practice with several techniques and many useful informations about the energy lines and the inner organs.
More beautiful words were coming from Takis… Inhale love and light, exhale magic to your hands!
I’m so amazed by the ancient art of Thai massage and once again feeling so inspired!
What a blissful way to start this conference… Receiving and giving a massage and closing with powerful chanting vibrations! The effect is already obvious in my face! Thank you!
Om Namah Shivaya!

photo: Wari om photography-sunshine house http://wari.photoshelter.com/



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