BYC2013 begun!

It started!

Warriors of light from around the globe got together this morning to Show up-Listen-Hear-Learn-Know-Become-Be in yoga together.

And what a way to start! Leslie Kaminoff teaching the anatomy of breathing.

What can be more fundamental, more important than our breath – our life force? Here we are practicing yoga for years, going from Hanumanasa to Shirsasana without blinking, but pause for a moment, tells us Leslie.

Where does the air go?  How to breathe from your feet? Where is the energy that gets the air in your body located – inside or outside of us?

Close your eyes, inhale and locate that place. Locate that obvious place to where your breath flows and put your hands on that place. Open your eyes and look at where your hands were.. Were they on your stomach? On your sides? On your chest?

Your lungs are right under your throat. Your breath moves in and out of your lungs. Seems so simple yet with so many different and sometimes misleading instructions we get different ideas about how the process of breath is actually happening. It is about time to get our minds organized about this, then yoga will take us up on the next level.

With teachers like Leslie Kaminoff, who share the knowledge passed down through an ancient lineage of Krishnamacharya, you can get deeper into your practice.


With the right  knowing, conscious experience follows, this way you let the wisdom arise.

Be the wisdom… at the yoga celebration Barcelona Yoga Conference 2013.


  1. Marta Berry

    So happy ,, Per BARCELONA I tots els yogis , en busca de llum , I propia elevacio . Us dessitjo un entreament ple de forca , saviessa I esperanca , que les practiques us obrin nous camins I aventures en el cami de la propia retrobada personal , Moltes felicitats a tots ,, I en especial als organitzadors … Una abracada dede California

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