Jivamukti yoga – Liberated while living

BYC2011 (164) copy

“Magic is shift in perception” – Sharon Gannon

I am going to go ahead and blame it all on Barcelona Yoga conference that got me into Jivamukti yoga in the first place which led me into signing up for Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training that just finished last Friday night at  2 am in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Jivamukti TTC was incredible. We were blessed with the guidance and humour of Rima and Jules and it was a highway to samadhi – meditation, teachings, philosophy, asana practice pranayama, study groups, homework,  tropical vegan deliciousness… The best of it all: Assist practice workshops, which is unique aspect of Jivamukti  – knowing, feeling and assisting the body of your student in order to facilitate his way towards enlightenment.

I mean… Patanjali would be so proud.

Jivamukti yoga is a path to enlightenment through compassion to all beings. 5 tenets of this exceptional method are: Ahimsa – non-violence towards all, Nada – deep listening, Shastra – application of ancient spiritual teachings, Dhyana – meditation, and my favorite, Bhakti – devotion.

The last day of the TTC was the saddest for all of us. One thing I haven’t done before is explore all my tear producing capacity – crying in the hotel dining hall, as well as front desk, lobby, yard and parking lot and then on and on…  Can you blame me for not wanting to separate myself from a community of lightest holy beings on Earth studying hard at an insane pace in order to challenge and change the world into a better place?

So to make the landing into the new reality of my life easier The Universe has provided me with the opportunity to come to Barcelona Yoga Conference and assist a great teacher who made me fall in love with Jivamukti at BYC2011 – Patrick Broome. Is this even real?

Not only Patrick, Heeki Park who is already in Barcelona will also be giving a master class and I cannot wait to meet her. So how ofter you get two great masters in one event? It will be one of a kind encounters.

Only few days left… heart beats faster. Let the magic begin.

Barcelona Yoga Conference 2013

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