Food is the answer, food is the way… Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram


Picture this…. Its monday 8th July, BYC main program has finished, your exhausted, yet energised from all the wonderful Asana, kirtan and dance.  You take a breath, enjoy the moment and then think about what an amazing weekend you had.  Then your stomach starts to rumble,  did I manage to eat over the weekend?  With so many classes it’s often difficult to find time for eating nutritious food and consciously.  Part of a healthy yogic living should include being aware of what you are putting on and in your precious human body.  We are what we eat after all 🙂  As we become more conscious on and off the mat, food should be a huge part of our practice.  Fortunately for us all you can join an amazing Raw Food class with Javier Medvedovsky (Espiritual Chef) & Daphne Tsatsou  (Tr00 Food Liberation) on Monday 10-13h & 15-18h at the BYC location, to learn about healthy food and conscious eating.

As I spend more and more time with True Foodies (Troo Food liberation) I find myself now following in Daphne’s (a kitchen goddess’) footsteps.  When I have a kitchen available I’m inspired to share great vegan tasty food with my friends and family.  So I advise you, fill your mind, heart and belly with a taste of raw food and then share what you have learned with those around you.

Daphne and Javier will be holding this workshop as an Introduction on Raw Food, germination, fermentation, soaking and dehydration without cooking on the fire, and love as the main ingredient to obtain a positive, healthy and experimental dish with unforgettable flavours.

Food that’s nutritious, super tasty and creative, real food for the soul.  Dont miss out, you’ve done enough asana instead feed your sole and your tum!

Good food is the answer, Raw Food is the way…. Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram

daphne tsatsou barcelona yoga conference

Javier Medvedovsky barcelona yoga conference


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