Zorba the Greek?

Geneva Yoga Conference-6363-2

With the BYC less than 3 weeks away you may have looked at the program and thought WOW, who to choose? There are so many wonderfully colourful teachers each expressing what yoga means to them.  Someone you may not know is Zorba the Greek, here is a little about who this teacher is and why you should go for a blessing at his classes!

Three years ago I was at the Sunday night market with the Chiang Mai community in Thailand when I saw a super happy smiley face looking back at me.  This smile is one you would not forget.  This is the smile of Zorba the Greek (Anastasis).  From that day a friendship was created with a super yogi.  He has no mobile phone and lives a humble simple life on the beautiful island of Crete.  Every year he welcomes into his home people from all over the world who he has met on his travels to experience the simplicity and beauty of his home and his way of life following the yogic scriptures and path.  His apartment overlooks the sea, with no furniture.  You can relax, read and practice on the floor.  Its the perfect place for yogis.  He has regular classes in a beautiful yoga studio in Chania where he welcomes everybody into his classes, those who can afford to pay and those who cannot.  Due to the crisis in Greece he now offers his classes for less than you pay in Chiang Mai. He does this out of his love for Yoga and his students.  He doesn’t want people to stop coming because of lack of money.

Coming from a professional dance career, Anastasis began studying yoga in 1994.  He has spent a lot of time in India and moved around studying with many different teachers and styles.  During his enthusiastic classes you will feel the presence of a joyful dance he takes you on.  Although he does not want to associate to one style or tradition of practice,  he states that his teaching is a synthesis of different traditions with the spirit and expression of “Zorba the Greek”, freedom, generosity, integrity, spontaneity, joy and inspiration with the state of grace of the dancer.

Words of wisdom from Zorba “I don’t know what yoga is.”

What to expect?  No long dharma talk! A flowing strong and dynamic practice with a creative dance twist not forgetting the breath.

An authentic yogi teaching from the heart in the moment!

At this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, Zorba the Greek was teaching with Danny Paradise, and at the BYC you will see the two teaming up together again, a cross between Shamanic Ashtanga with Zorba the Greek.



  1. demet tokgoz

    i’m lookin for Anastasis yoga school but i couldn’t find anything. would you please help me ?

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