My very first BYC…

July 2011, heat, sun, beach and hundreds of yogis and yoginis getting together for a 5 days of yoga non-stop.

I remember being so excited not  knowing what it’s going to be.

Some criticize the concept of a Yoga events like this, they say that there is no need for yoga a-la-carte, yoga feast, as it will only create more mess in your head and will turn out to be a “yoga indigestion”. They have a point.

But as everything in life, it all depends on how you look at it and what you make out of it. For you.

For me, BYC is a total yoga celebration. It is like running a marathon together, joining our colourful energies, jumping from Uttanasana to Chaturanga, rays of prana interlacing and flowing through the air thick with inhales and exhales.

How good it felt to be with the like-minded, finally blending in with the rest of the weirdos who start their days with sun salutations or prayers in an ancient language that nobody speaks.

It is also about seeing all incredible variety of interpretations of yoga. Trying out this or that style, connecting or not to different gurus, who have so much to give. The main question is: how much can you take?

and chanting. dancing, high on bhakti. and eating good food. holding hands. looking each other in the eyes. hugging. so much hugging..

I remember laying in Shavasana in a masterclass of at least 120 people, thinking “This is the happiest day of my life. I am surrounded with people that got me so much closer to the basic happiness thought “We are all one”. I felt my body vibrating like never before, with some happy tears. I carry that shift inside my consciousness ever since.

It was Patrick’s Broome Jivamukti yoga class. Next scene – two years later – I am about to start the Jivamukti Teacher Training Course 2013.

Gratitude. BYC_142


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