blissed out by Thai Massage

thai m

After Thai massage retreat with Pau and Till, I feel like a new life long adventure has just started.

11 days of over 35 people opening, connecting, loving, BEing, learning, listening, asking questions, translating, MEDITATING, YOGING, touching, feeling, nesting, palming, thumbing, MASSAGING, resting, playing, eating vegan deliousnesses, getting to know themselves and each other, transforming, adoring, joking, joking, laughing, LAUGHING, laughing, playing ninjas, playing, dancing, doing temple nights, staying in silence, SINGING mantras, kirtaning, being mindful, looking at the hills and greenery, breathing in and out, being total hippies

I feel wonderful. wONDER FULL. full of wonders.
the content of my thoughts is so good.

I feel courageous, I feel solid, and free and wholesome, I am content, connected.
I want to say “I love you, I believe in you my sweet!” all the time.
“You can do it, anything, just keep thinking of things you want to do and do them!”
Less fear, less tortures of the mind

deep relaxation, and by that I don’t mean physically, as it was quite strong, I had good and bad massages, and overall it was quite intense for the body

what I mean by deep relaxation (I don’t know if that will last, I hope that it will) – is some sort of even stronger then before belief in the Universe, that it is sort of carrying me in its palms, loving me, all is one, and one unit of universe that is the body and mind that I identify myself with is that whole universe. I guess I felt so many connections that it became one bigger connection to all that is… and that is, in one word, awesome.

freedom. there was one day my thoughts were once again taking over, and there was a strong wise response in my head saying “Hey, you ARE free. You really are free, always. No matter what you do, where you work, you are free. to do, go, be whatever, whoever you want”.
and of course, there is another thought going “oh yeah you are free but you don’t do anything with your freedom, you are less, you are noone special blablaabla” but it doesn’t matter. that is just another thought, nothing else. what i choose to focus on is I AM FREE. whatever choices I make, that will always stay with me. Because that is the essence of internal freedom, nothing, noone can take it away..

Aww.. goodness.

I wish to many more yogi, yoginis and noneyogis and nonyoginis to expereice the power of giving and receiving through Sacred Dance of Thai massage.

and how it started for me? With Krishnatakis at Barcelona Yoga Conference 2011 – Pau and Till’s guru.

Thai Yoga Massage with Takis Oikonomou Pre Conference on Thursday 4.07, join for your own adventure to start

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