Find Space, Find Balance….

david lurey

The other day me & a few other friends, yoga teachers were discussing how do you know when you are listening to the needs of your body or just being lazy when it comes to doing your own self practice!! Sometimes the mind leads you to believe that you only need a short practice or maybe a more restorative pracctice when maybe your body is crying out for something more dynamic or vice versa!!   The nature of the mind is to get bored with things, so obviously you will get bored with your asana practice at some point, so you have to stay creative & give 100% of your attention when you practice for 10 mins or 2 hours.  We came to the conclusion that there is no official way of knowing and only to continue to examin why you are practising and are you getting what you need for You from your self practice.

Having just returned from a few long haul flights and feeling pretty ungrounded, tired, maybe a little lazy, I wanted to do a practice at home but needed a helping hand, or voice to guide me.  Not wanting to be distracted by the internet which would most probably lead me away from a physical practice, i found a download i had got many months ago but not used.  It was David Lureys recording of a Monday morning class he taught in Mallorca about Creating Space!  It sounded just what I needed so i proceeded to take the class.  As the class was only a recording it was good to practice my listening skills, you have to be super focused.  The class began with rolling the joints & then onto some flowing vinyasa at a speed that allowed you to wake up your body gently but moving fast enough so your mind didnt get bored! I particularly liked a variation of Parsvakanasa with the back toes tucked under & front arm resting on the knee.  This really allowed you to open the chest, rib cage & hips.  David led you through a series of playful sequences, including warrior 2, trikonasana, ardha chandrasana, side crow & then gave you time at the end of the class to end your practice with anything you need to do, to finish.  Davids flows are creative & fun, timing is not too fast but not too slow & his integration of music throughout keeps the momentum.   At the end of the practice i felt much more grounded, spacious & ready for the day ahead.  So even if i was being lazy by looking for inspiration outside of myself, on this day i know it was what i needed to get me moving! Thanks Mr Lurey!

David has free downloads of classes on his website & if you want to check him out for real, he will be teaching at the BYC again this year.  I know I will be at his class with the wonderful group, ‘OneSound’.  Join me there!


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