To Pause and breathe.

To Pause and breathe

To Pause. To Look around and take a deep breath in.

It’s all ok. The sky is blue. The sun is shining, it’s possible to breathe.

Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s all so painful, confused and complicated that it’s
not possible to breathe, it’s not possible to smile, it’s not possible to see this beauty,
certainly not to feel it.

Life is weird; it keeps changing. Life comes and goes and we are just here, Sometimes
we remember to join and sometimes the moments pass us by. Without us noticing, without us pausing, without taking a breath and taking in the view.

Life is not always as we planned. As we imagined it to be. We often have an image in our minds and when the reality hits us, we are reminded that it is not about
us at all. That there is some big great force, much bigger than us, that shifts and moves
things behind the scene. That everything has a reason and everything happens in a certain order, with a certain goal.

Many times it seems like a total mess. Like a black hole. Chaos. Like we are inside
of a blender and someone pressed no. 3, the fastest, strongest grind. So we are inside of this blender and we’ve got two options: The first is the will to run
away, to break and leave it behind. The second one is to join the pulsation, to blend. To break yet remain. To deal. To accept what life brings us, to breathe and take in the view. To stay there and to blend and still to see the sky, to feel the sun and to breathe.

Often in my classes when there is a challenging, uncomfortable position I say that since we are already there, we can choose between thinking When will it end? or breathe through the experience and sensation. This is valid to almost each and every situation in life. In the last couple weeks I felt it constantly. Me, try to change the situations, get blended and want to run away. As far as I can, so it will be easier, less painful.

I went to a workshop taught by David Sye, a great teacher from England who teaches yoga according his motto for life: Life is about having fun! He lives this. His approach reflects through his practice which is full of freedom- about how the practice should look and how we should look like, continues with relaxation – from our wandering minds, from the ego, conditions. The practice is with energizing, dynamic music, fun and lots, lots of love! Each of his movements and each word was full of truth and love- for himself and for the world. It didn’t matter what he was saying or how he said it because you could just feel it. Then it hit me: Breathe!

I walked out of that workshop and took a breath. I paused and observed that moment. Saw it as it was. And I breathed again- because each breath reminds us that we are alive.
It reminds us that what we have is THIS moment, THIS breath. I let myself be there, accept whatever life brings without fear. To deal with life and breathe. It keeps changing, life keeps changing.

You can let it pass by or you can join in 🙂


  1. Varenya

    “It reminds us that what we have is THIS moment, THIS breath.”
    So important to remember this… soooo important! Thank you for doing it!

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