Welcome to the HEALING AREA of BYC!

This year we again have this space for Therapies.

Thai Massage, Therapeutic Flight,

Acupuncture, Relaxing Massage, Relieving,

Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy

and many more are waiting for you.


We have THERAPIST WORLDWIDE who are willing to offer his magic touch and make your therapy a moment of consciousness, presence.

The benefits of the therapies presented are very diverse. We want a space and a time for you that helps to connect with yourself, with your being. Linking mental body with the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Give a gift to your body, reinforce your immune system. Stimulate the parasympathetic system bringing calm. Allows blood, oxygen and energy nourish your whole being.


The benefits of therapies are directed to different projects:

Amma Embracing the World Over thirty years of tireless service, Amma has counseled and comforted people from all walks of geographical, cultural or social. Personal contact, affection, compassion, tenderness and care deeply manifested to all, the spiritual charisma, innocence and humility are natural, are unique.

Circle Up Project is a community building project through Yoga, which invests in the childrens, youth and local Yoga teachers of the South and North coutries in the developing world.

See you at the BYC 2013, 4 to 8 July

web http://www.barcelonayogaconference.cat

Blog https://barcelonayogaconference.org/

One Comment

  1. christina Bitzanaki

    i m going to meet you for first time this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am realy wattingfor,,, feeling deeply happy from now January2013! regardsfrom island Crete. Greece

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