Inspire and be inspired!

Happy new year lovely people!
After spending the holidays in the shiny community of Sunshine House, now I am back home contemplating my new experience. Two weeks of studying Thai Yoga Massage, sharing love and coexisting harmoniously in the sangha. Therefore I decided to dedicate the first blog of the year to the feeling that has taken over me… Inspiration!
Surrounded by many people all these days I found myself feeling appreciation and admiration. Realizing again how we get inspired and inspire others by our words, actions, attitude, and the story each one of us carries. During this period I cannot even remember how many hugs I received. Hugging the person who was sitting next to you with no specific reason, without the judgemental approach I like him/her or not… Doing it just because we all need love, we all suffer, we all recognize the healing effect of touching.
I find it magical every time I try something new and it turns to be food for the soul. This time it was the art of Thai Yoga Massage. The sacred dance between two people who by sharing love heal themselves. An ancient technique that integrates the Buddhist teachings, Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. A path that makes me want to explore it more and more.
What a gift  to have spent this time of the year among great teachers, loving-caring classmates and devoted karma yogis. And what a blessing to witness that you are not walking this path alone and you are coordinated with beautiful souls from all over the world.
Barcelona Yoga Conference will be the next meeting point to share inspiration and metta!  Looking forward to this yogic celebration!

See you all there!

acroyoga chalananda-0275

Inspiration by the light of day,
Inspiration to make me pray.
Inspiration in my willingness to give,
Inspiration to move on and live!
Inspiration to tell my story,
Inspiration because there is no glory.
Inspiration comes from deep within,
Inspiration from sorrow and sin.
Inspiration makes this real,
Inspiration is how i feel.
Inspiration can come from rain,
Inspiration takes my pain.

-Ian Kennedy

photography by wari om –

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