Practice Anywhere! Yoga Rooms in Airports!


Over the past two months I have pretty much traveled, as a friend pointed out, all around the world; from Europe to Mexico, Vancouver, Canada, back to Europe and then out to Asia.  As I’m about to visit my next 5 airports in 24 hours I wonder if this this really serving me!  Never mind the environmental impact, that’s a whole other debate for another time!

When on the move like this its difficult to keep a regular practice time and same space is impossible.  So as I wander around the airports, more and more I’m hunting for the perfect hidden away corner or somewhere nice to practice.  My practice may consist of sitting, meditating, letting the whirl of noise and people go on around me while I find my inner sanctum!  Or it maybe that I feel I need to move my body after a long flight so asana may be in order.  The great thing about yoga it is with you wherever you go and as you develop your inner spirit you no longer care what people around you may think but you honour the people and your surroundings.  Just after Christmas as I returned from Canada to the UK I had a long wait at Heathrow, first I found a comfortable spot on the floor outside and got out my Schuti box  out.  I began to chant to myself and although there were lots of people going in and out of the airport, nobody paid any attention to me, except when somebody stopped and asked for the time.  When I got a little cold I went inside and hunted for a prayer room.  The last Prayer room I was in, was pretty big and was able to practice as nobody was there but in Heathrow Term 4, it’s pretty small and busy.  However I wasn’t deterred and enjoyed my time sitting and doing child’s pose for an hour or so, as mainly muslims entered the room to do their hourly prayers.  It was interesting listening to their chants as I did mine, at first I thought maybe I shouldn’t be in here but then we are all ultimately doing the same thing.  Whether you believe in dualism (God & Us!) or non-Dualism (God, divinity is in us!) ! We all on the path of truth and conscious awareness.

You maybe wondering what on earth is the point to all this babble!  Well I was super happy to find out that San Francisco airport has a dedicated Yoga room, however I wish I had known this when I was at San Fran airport in Dec!   Now there is no need to go looking for a quiet part of the airport or a tiny prayer room but an actual dedicated yoga room to practice.  So you can keep the light in your heart shining even as you go through the most ridiculous airport security controls!!  Hopefully more airports will follow suit, as far as I can tell only a few airports in the US (Dallas and San Fran) have them; if you know of more, let us all know!  San Fran opened theirs in February 2012.



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