In the spirit of Love

two-people-inspire-love-heartDecember has always been my favorite month of the winter. Christmas is waiting around the corner and a beautiful melancholic feeling is taking over the atmosphere. Despite the cold and the introversion this season carries, people wear their smiles and become more open hearted to welcome this significant celebration.
Raised in a Christian family, I remember since I was a child how important was the preparation for this special occasion. Decoration of the house and the Christmas tree, making the traditional sweets and planning the Christmas dinner.
In my younger years though I started questioning religion among other things. I couldn’t understand how religion speaks about love and ethics when society and the majority of people reflect the opposite. A huge contradiction was unfolding in front of my eyes. I was asking myself what is wrong with this picture?
Later on, my longing for answers brought me closer to Eastern philosophy. After studying some of the teachings I realized it was not the philosophy of Christianity I was questioning, but the Church that has twisted the whole idea.
I end up to the conclusion that all religions should serve the same goal. Help us evolve as spiritual beings and bring unity in our lives.
Where is the love and compassion they preach when  instead of unite the people they divide them according to their beliefs?  Or even more inconceivable and outrageous when they provoke their followers to fight and kill in the name of God?
Personally I cannot adapt any dogma if the words do not correspond to actions. All I see is devotees and priests playing the role of the good Samaritan but living a completely unethical life. What’s the point of going to the temple, do the rituals, praise the name of God if you don’t lend a helping hand to the fellow man and your heart lacks warmth and kindness?
Luckily however there are always around us bright exceptions to get inspired of.
My yogic path helped me even more on seeing more similarities than differences and be more in unity than separation. Coming from Sivananda tradition I shall close by quoting Swami Sivananda…“There is only one religion – the religion of love, the religion of unity and oneness”.
May the spirit of Christmas bring peace in every human heart! One Love

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