Autumn, season of transition and changes

Changes for some people can be a painful procedure. Have you observed the mind during a transition period or when an important decision has to been made? Most of the time It gets frustrated and everything becomes complicated.
This results from the fact  that mind usually dislikes changes. It reacts to the inconvenience and the discomfort they carry along.  It doesn’t like to be dragged into new paths of thinking and being. For that reason creates resistance to the new and attachment to the old.
We feel by diving into unknown waters we will get drowned. Even if we aren’t satisfied with our way of living we keep the same pattern as long as it feels familiar. We are terrified in the idea of failure and of getting ourselves in a worse position than the current one.
When this thought occurs in the mind, it manifests in the body as feelings of insecurity, weakness and fear. What stops us from transforming our lives is a hypothetical idea of how things might be. A scenario that takes place only in fantasy and not in reality.
Life is a daring adventure. Changes can be a tool for self-discovery. Move forward no matter the fear and you will see the magic unfolding. The strength and the potential which is hidden inside you, will be revealed. As I read somewhere “magic begins outside of your comfort zone”.
If we don’t open our wings to fly away from the nest we will never see the beautiful horizon.

Autumn signs the transition from summer towards the winter.  A period that prepares us to move smoothly from the warmth to the cold. Embrace the symbolism of this prosperous season and as Gandhi said «be the change you want to see in the world».

Photography by Rob Herr. The life cycle of the Manazatia leaf.

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