Yin Yoga

The sacred circle ceremony of Yin Yoga

Yin is the poetic and meditative art of Yoga. It is an art that leads you to listen to the soft and sacred language, the only language the body has, to speak and create communion with the soul.

Yin is static, it gives you the time and the space you need to BE. To melt, to let go, to get angry or sad, to feel the divine and the connection with whatever is, to give up and start all over again. Yin is softening and surrendering yourself, opening to the unknown and accepting the reality as it is, not as you would like it to be.

It is the most powerful technique i have ever experiance. It enchanted me by the freedom that gives to the body to search and find the right place for it in the here and now and by the power it has to help the practitioner get in touch with deeper levels of the emotional body and soul.

Practicing Yin creates the “sacred space”. It resembles with a sacred ceremony. As the practitioner remains in the same posture for 5 even 10 minutes, the body works at the level of the deep connective tissue and space is been created for deep rooted thoughts and emotions to come out to the surface.

In Yin we often use pillows and bolsters to avoid muscular tension, relax the nervous system in order to get in deep contact with the parasympathetic system. This way we open the gate to the soul imprints with which life and experience have been marked in our body. Maybe this is the only way for them to live and then die, or simply change.

The sound of a drum, the words of a poem, speak to the heart, slow down the resistance and help all those involved in the sacred circle to travel in to that time and space where only real things can land

My Yin teacher Biff Mithoefer together with the Kirtan artist and Backti practitioner Prema Mayi, when they lead a Yin lesson have this insight to know when is the right time for the words and the sounds to become alive. Maybe because they become the words they recite and the sounds they are drumming. And they seduce us all and we connect and we become the words and the heart beating of the drum and the soul that is behind everything…

“Having loved enough and lost enough, i am no longer searching, just opening. No longer trying to make sense of pain, but trying to be a soft and sturdy home in which real things can land”  Mark Nep

Photography by www.wari.cat   Heeki Park in Barcelona

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