Wind of Change

 Anicca, Anicca, Anicca

If you have ever practiced Vipassana meditation, you probably heard this word many times.

Anicca is one of the three marks of existence according to Buddhism. The real existence, the reality that is shaded by our glasses, by our own attitude and perspective. Without the fears, dreams, worries or memories.

Anicca means impermanence. The continuous variability of reality which never ends and always exists in everything around us (blossoming of the flowers, change of seasons, sunset and sunrise, birth and death every day). And it exist inside of us, physically (death of cells in the body, changing form, growing and, on deeper level, psychologically via a book read or a movie watched, a lecture taught. When we are exposed to a new idea and way of thinking, a seed is planted sprouting doubt, wonder and a desire to question and explore, the nucleus of change is awakened. We often don’t give special attention to this transformational moment because we are too busy in our every day routine. We don’t always notice the exact moment when change occurs. We may even act surprised despite the many steps that preceded this new transition.

An obstacle to the element of change is that we prefer to keep things as they are, including ourselves, to hold on the familiar, the known and to walk on a path that is known, even though it may no longer serve us. The mind chooses security over innovation, preferring patterns over paving new paths. To act according to laws and norms, to play roles and to passively accepting the situation as it is and, by doing so, to relinquish responsibility for where we are, how we got there and where we are going. Acting in this way will almost always resort to blaming others for unappealing outcomes from our own choices.

Einstein defined insanity as walking the same route over and over and expecting different results. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Still, we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes by choosing the wrong partners, the wrong jobs, making choices from force of habit, perhaps even irresponsibility.

Sometimes we need to zoom out in order to zoom in, to step out of our little bubbles and listen to what goes on inside. Like diving to the bottom of the ocean where you can’t feel the waves and it is possible to begin listening to that inner voice, always present underneath the action. The voice that knows what is needed.

Practice of Asanas and meditation are tools for that. So are music, art and anything that helps us connect tothe truth and quiet the external noise that speaks in terms of what one SHOULD do, what is RIGHT, what is NORMAL and ACCEPTED. When we open to a connection within, to our true selves without all of the external identifications and concerns, we are able to make decisions yielding lasting benefits.

The hard part comes when we decide to start acting. Near immediately, we are confronted with a very long list pf pretty reasonable excuses for why NOT change, why to stay in the zone of comfort and familiarity. When that challenge arrives, simply stay with your truth, your inner voice.

I invite you to scan the different components in your life:  your job, the placewhere you live, your partner, your studies and hobbies and see if they hold space for change. Are these in your life by choice, because you receive true benefit? Or are they based on convenience and old patterns of behavior?

If you keep doing that which you have always done, you will find yourself where you have always ended up.

Schedule for yourself five minutes a day to sit, observe your breath, relax the fluctuations of your mind and connect with your inner self.  Open to exploring your inner truth and to the possible changes necessary in order to follow this path.

If you have decided to walk with that inner voice , your heart, keep on doing so, it will take you far, far away to beautiful destinations unimaginable from where you currently stand today 🙂

One Comment

  1. corinna

    i like it, change is always taking place even if we hold tight to what we are with and changes you make can mean large life choices but also small as well sometimes just as significant a shift or a letting go can be big, i agree that stopping to listen in stillness is powerful and peaceful

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